Itchy has been sponsored! He is a 4 year Appaloosa gelding with old injuries that make him suitable only for light riding and training.




Clueless is a 9 year Appaloosa gelding. From the time he was born, Clueless was left to fend for himself against 20 other horses in a confined area. This led to malnutrition and developmental issues. He was never wormed or properly cared for which has resulted in a propensity for colic due to scar tissue from worm damage. Clueless is on an inexpensive but strict diet and must be fed separately from other horses. He has finished his training as a trail horse and he is an “easy keeper” with superb ground manners. He clips, loads, ties and rides English or Western. He is a very laid back guy and enjoys lazy miles on the trail.


Annie was abandoned and suffering from severe neglect and starvation. She is in her late 20’s and after three years of care at Dog4U, Inc. she has recovered well and enjoys her time as a Pasture Buddy. Annie is a timid girl with excellent ground manners and would do best in a home where she would not have to compete with other horses. Below are her before and after photos.

Annie After

*Despite a month long battle, Annie succumbed to age related diseases and an eye ulcer. We would like to thank South Carolina Equine and the staff at the University of Georgia Large Animal Teaching Hospital for their efforts to save Annie. We know they did every thing possible and we appreciate the compassion they showed Annie during her final weeks with us. Annie was the most gentle, well behaved horse we have encountered so far and she will be dearly missed. We were honored to have had the opportunity to get to know her, care for her and make her last years comfortable. A kinder horse never lived. – Thank you for letting us gain your trust. No one thought you would survive your ordeal, you proved everyone wrong and taught us many valuable lessons. We will remember you always, sweet girl.


Nellie is a grey grade mare in her 20’s. She has severe Navicular Disease from years of hard riding before she came to Dog4U, Inc. This renders her unable to be ridden and requires special corrective shoeing and medications. Can you help by sponsoring her today?

elmo 2


Elmo is a 5 year old overo paint gelding.

Elmo came to Dog4u,Inc. as an underfed two year old. The veterinarian diagnosed him with joint problems that would resolve themselves with a proper feed regimen and over a year of down time. Elmo’s growth has been stunted due to lack of proper nutrition early on, but he now stands 14.3 hands and has filled out nicely. He is “green broke” and has been on several trail rides. He has excellent ground manners and is very people oriented. He has shown aggression towards other geldings in the paddock and on the trail. He will need an experienced rider to help him reach his full potential. He would do best in a home without other geldings.

Buckskin Gelding Abandoned

buck5 buck3 buck2


A 10-12 year old Buckskin gelding was abandoned in the Dog4U driveway at the beginning of May. “Buck” has an old injury that was not treated, making him very hard to place. He would make a great pasture buddy. Please help sponsor him today

buck1buck4 buck5