Diesel (formerly Measles)

Diesel belonged to a World War II veteran who passed away in 2010. All of her animals, including horses, dogs, cats, and a pot bellied pig ended up with Dog4U, Inc. Most became sanctuary residents; Diesel was the only animal young enough to be transported through our Interstate Transport Program. Below are photos and excerpts from two emails sent by his adoptive family.

The first update :”When I first met Measles, I was so taken with his happy, friendly spirit. He is an awesome dog!  It was soon discovered that Measles would need surgery on both hips. He had his first surgery on one hip a few months ago, and was trying to recuperate at Buddy Dog. After 6 weeks, the Vet recommended he go into a foster home situation to help him recover enough to have surgery on his other hip. I volunteered to take him home (I have two other shelter dogs) so he could regain his strength.

To make a long story short, after fostering Measles for the past 4 weeks, we decided to adopted him!! He is such a love, and got along so well with our other two dogs, we knew after only a week or so that we wanted to keep him. His new name is Diesel. He is getting stronger every week that goes by. I have him scheduled to be seen by our family Vet at the end of the month to be evaluated and hopefully deemed ready for his second surgery.”

The second update: “Diesel (formerly Measles) is doing fantastic. He is healing nicely after his hip surgeries and is adjusting quickly to his new home with us. He gets along extremely well with our two other dogs and is eating and sleeping well. He enjoys running around our yard with his two “sisters” and goes for walks and car rides too. He is such a happy boy, such a love! We absolutely adore him!! Diesel and my husband have a special bond (I guess he never really had a daddy) and he is currently being loved, spoiled and pampered! Rest assured he will lead a comfortable life full of love in his forever home!….Thanks again for all you do, saving dogs and helping to find new homes for them is very admirable. Keep doing what you do! Measles/Diesel sends you his love and kisses. Thanks for taking such good care of him through the years.” – Sandy