Farm Animals –  Dog4U, Inc. cares primarily for dogs, horses, and cats, but we also have a few farm animals including three cows and a Vietnamese pot bellied pig named Pumba.

To introduce the cows: Violet, Skinny Cow, and Moo reside at Dog4U, Inc. They are available for adoption, but due to our no kill policy and our anti-breeding policy, they must go to a home as “pets” and are not to be bred or slaughtered. They are considered Sanctuary Residents unless a suitable home is found for them.

Pumba is a 16 year old Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig.

He was left with Dog4U, Inc. after an elderly World War II Vet with many old farm animals passed away. Also left in our care as sanctuary residents were two elderly dogs, a Standard Poodle and a Cairn Terrier, and four cats.