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Red ticker dog Ticker is adopted
Red ticker dog Ticker is adopted
Ruby has been adopted thanks to the wonder people at Buddy Dog!


Roscoe was adopted














christmas sally 003Sally has been adopted! Her mom updated us on how Sally has been doing:”Imagine “our girl” will now be an ambassador of good will and a centerfold beauty!!! Bruce and I feel like proud parents!!!!! (Her picture was up at Petco during the Christmas holidays – the contest was to raise money for the local animal shelter. And Sally won third place in the contest!) You know how much we love Miss Sally and she brings us great joy everyday!!!” – Jo-Ann
rory20pic_“Rory is doing amazingly well. Last spring, she passed her therapy dog certification and has been visiting the elderly as well as young children. She is a huge hit.”- Rory’s mom





Speaker was adopted.
Speaker was adopted.
Moki (Chubby) continues to thrive
Moki (Chubby) continues to thrive

Moki has been with her new family for five years and continues to thrive!

Moki was found as stray on the side of a busy road with another beagle; both had recently had puppies. She was adopted by a wonderful couple in South Carolina and now lives in a gated community. She spends her days lounging on the couch, playing with her friends at the dog park, and stealing steaks off of the counters. She has brought endless joy and entertainment to her owners who love her dearly. Thank you to the Adams family for opening their hearts to this middle-aged girl!

Pandora, now Penny, has been adopted, pictured here in her new home!
“I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I adopted Pandora (now Penny), whom
you sent to Buddy Dog Humane Society. We took her home on 12/18, and
she settled in quickly. By now she is very relaxed and feels at home,
and her house training is progressing quickly. Penny is an absolute delight. She pays attention and tries to learn the rules. She is very people-oriented and gentle. If you talk to her too firmly she gets
worried; I quickly learned to tone it down and use more positive
feedback…She is settling in very well. She has been delighted with the powdery
snow we’ve been having… She plays with lots of the dogs in
the park; she is relaxed and exhausted when we get home. She is the first dog we ever had who likes being indoors with us as much as she likes being outside. It’s a tribute to your “puppy boot camp”! Thank you so much for taking care of these dogs, it’s a wonderful thing you’re doing. Penny, for one, is a great success and will have a good life.
-The Steinberg family